Order any AmpliVox lectern and we will include our
S1180 LED Lectern Light at no additional cost

This LED lamp provides a bright, focused light on your presentation while not blinding you nor distracting your audience. The 9” flexible gooseneck allows you to easily aim the light where you need it.

Powered by THREE “AAA” batteries (not included), this bright white LED light is rated at 100,000 hours.


Making Great Presentations

7 Tips for Making Yourself Look Like a Professional Presenter
Professional Presentations need a professional image for the presenter.
Without the proper clothing, equipment, and overall look, listeners will be distracted or worse yet--not be able to hear your message at all! ... go to blog
Best Speeches of All Time: Sports, Historical, Fictional, Inspirational, Motivational
History is often made and defined during great speeches. Usually coinciding with events of historical proportions or inspiring circumstances, the best speeches of all time normally feature one or two quotes that the become known to the entire world.

Many of these public speakers use public speaking equipment necessary for a professional looking speech. AmpliVox Sound Systems manufactures, designs, and sells lecterns, podiums, and portable pa systems for public speaking events. ... go to blog
Professional Presentation Tips from Kay Meyer
What is communication? What is a presentation? This blog post describes how to develop professional communication skills to improve any presentation. Great public speaking develops leadership skills and business communication skills---both vital in the workplace today. Learning how to speak in public will never go out of style.

Presenters need to present in style which might include podiums, lecterns, and pulpits that house technology and speaker systems. ... go to blog
Top 10 Classroom Management Tips for Teachers
What is classroom management? Wikipedia gives a classroom management definition as:

“A term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students.”

Listed below are several techniques, ideas, resources, and tips for teachers to hone the right skills to conquer their classroom: ... go to blog
10 Tips for Public Speaking from Toastmasters International
People all around the world are afraid to speak in front of large crowds. Some studies have shown that the fear of public speaking ranks up there with the fear of death and is one of the leading fears among Americans. Organizations such as Toastmasters International and training courses in public speaking help reduce the fear to a manageable level.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to helping people conquer their fear of public speaking since 1924. ... go to blog
7 Need-to-Know Tips for Better Public Speaking
The words public speaking strikes fear and anxiety in the minds of otherwise competent and confident people. Does the thought of speaking in front of a group evoke fear, make you sweat, starts your heart pounding? It's likely you have glossophobia - the fear of public speaking.

Amplivox Sound Systems specializes in portable sound systems and sound lecterns and podiums, that are used in a wide variety of applications. Public speaking is a big part of our business so we did some research on tips that may help you get over your fear. ... go to blog

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