Order any AmpliVox lectern and we will include our
S1180 LED Lectern Light at no additional cost

This LED lamp provides a bright, focused light on your presentation while not blinding you nor distracting your audience. The 9” flexible gooseneck allows you to easily aim the light where you need it.

Powered by THREE “AAA” batteries (not included), this bright white LED light is rated at 100,000 hours.


Emergency Communication Systems - Preparation Saves Lives

In an emergency, people need to know what to do immediately. Providing timely and accurate communication is essential to warn and direct people to take shelter, relocate, or evacuate to avoid situations that are potentially dangerous.

AmpliVox Emergency Communication Devices are:
  • Easy to Operate
  • Have an Effective Range
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Can Be Readily Available
All too often, emergency situations create obstacles to communication – power may be cut off, access routes may be blocked, isolated response teams may be operating with inaccurate information, or teams may have difficulty getting instructions to large groups of frightened civilians. In establishing disaster preparedness plans, emergency personnel in all settings should have equipment on hand to guarantee that, whatever obstacles arise, communication lines will remain available.

When disaster strikes, effective communication can make all the difference. Any organization charged with emergency response duties must review its disaster plans with a focus on communication, and make sure it has the equipment on hand to stay connected. AmpliVox Sound Systems offers a variety of sound system products to meet the demands of emergency situations.
Outdoor PA Systems Megaphones Emergency Communication Plan

Radio Hailer: Emergency Notification System
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