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Portable Sound System

AmpliVox Sound Systems

Extend Your Voice With Portable Sound Systems

AmpliVox Document Library

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White papers

Grow Profits Using Public Address Systems & Lecterns GrowProfits-1.pdf
Grow Profits & Stretch Budgets with Lecterns & Sound Systems GrowProfits-2.pdf
Business Growth with Portable Sound/Lecterns Business_Growth.pdf
Dazzle on a Budget Dazzle.pdf
Dynamic Presentations Include Great Audio Dynamic_Presentations.pdf
AmpliVox Wireless Portable Sound Analysis AmpliVox_wireless.pdf

Catalogs and Product Information

Standard Price List Current 17 Page MSRP Price List Price-List.pdf
56pg Catalog Monitor Resolution (6mb) Catalog.pdf
Sound Comparison Chart Lecterns & Portables USA soundcomparisonguide.pdf
Spain soundcomparisonguide_spanish.pdf
Italy soundcomparisonguide_italian.pdf
Germany soundcomparisonguide_german.pdf
France soundcomparisonguide_french.pdf
Multimedia Smart Computer Lecterns Sound and Non-Sound
SN, SS, SW: 3300, 3230, 3235, 3430, 3030, 3035
Collegiate Multimedia Lecterns Show Your School Spirit, Customize with your Color and Logo. spec-collegiatemultimedialecterns.pdf
NSSEA “specials” until Feb 1, 2012 Thank you for visiting the AmpliVox booth #656 at the NSSEA Show in San Antonio. nsseaspecial.pdf
Sound of AmpliVox Short MP3 audio clip (438kb) AmpliVox.mp3
Accessories, Wireless & Mics 2-Page Price List spec-accessories.pdf

GSA Schedules

Schedule GS-27F-0022N Special Use Furniture (Non-Sound Lecterns And Multimedia Lecterns) AMPLIVOX-GS-27F-0022N.pdf
Schedule GS-35F-0094L General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, And Services AMPLIVOX-GS-35F-0094L.pdf

Product Spec Sheets, Manuals and Summaries

Product Numbers Description Sell Sheet Operation Instructions Assembly Instructions
SW720 iPod Wireless PA System spec-720.pdf oper-720.pdf  
SW800 Titan Wireless Portable PA spec-800.pdf oper-800.pdf  
Listening Centers With CD, Tape & Stereo Headphones for Schools spec-listening-centers.pdf    
S905, SW905 Travel Audio Pro Family   oper-905.pdf  
SW915 Digital Audio Travel Pro spec-915.pdf oper-915.pdf  
S1204, S1297, S1244 Wireless Remote Powered Speakers spec-1204.pdf oper-1204.pdf  
S1232 Powered Wall Mount Stereo Speakers (Available Soon!) spec-1232.pdf    
S1460 AC Adapter Instructions   oper-1460.pdf  
S1465 Rechargeable Battery Instructions   oper-1465.pdf  
S1600 Wireless Microphone Instructions   oper-1600.pdf  
S1656, S1658, S1660 UHF Wireless Microphone Instructions   oper-1660.pdf  
Multimedia Computer Lectern Fully assembled Multipurpose computer lectern cart spec-3230.pdf    
Multimedia Presentation Plus Podium Fully assembled multipurpose presentation plus podium spec-3235.pdf dimensions-3235.pdf  
Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern Full-height - durable, lightweight, convenient, ready to use spec-3250.pdf oper-3250.pdf  |  
(Wireless Models)
Pinnacle Tabletop Lectern Tabletop - durable, lightweight, convenient, ready to use spec-3240.pdf  
Oxford Lectern Oxford Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3010.pdf    
Victoria Lectern Victoria Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3020.pdf    
Victoria Tabletop Lectern Victoria Tabletop Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3025.pdf    
Coventry Lectern Coventry Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3030.pdf    
Ambassador Lectern Ambassador Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3035.pdf    
Patriot Lectern Patriot Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3040.pdf    
Patriot Plus Lectern Patriot Plus Solid Hardwood Lectern spec-3045.pdf    
Acrylic Lecterns Elegant Alternative to Wood spec-acrylic.pdf    
Contemporary Lecterns Modern designs for your presentation needs spec-contemporary.pdf    
Non-sound Lecterns For those who don't need built-in sound spec-non-sound.pdf    
Tabletop Lecterns Lectern & Podiums for table Tops spec-tabletop.pdf    
W280 Full Height Lectern (Non-Sound) spec-280.pdf   assm-280.pdf
W330 Adjustable Lectern Stand(Non-Sound) spec-330.pdf   assm-330.pdf
S/SW122A, S/SW132A Roving Rostrum® Family   oper-122.pdf
SS124, SW124 Roving Rostrum Podium PA spec-124.pdf oper-124.pdf  
S222, SW222, SW223 Audio Portable Buddy & Wireless Audio Portable Buddy spec-222.pdf oper-222.pdf  
spec-ir222.pdf Infrared Audio Portable Buddy   oper-IR222.pdf  
SW225, SW227 Voice Projector® & Kit spec-225-227.pdf oper-225-227.pdf  
S230A, SW230A, SW232 Voice Carrier spec-230.pdf oper-230.pdf  
SW212 Mity-Vox spec-212.pdf oper-212.pdf  
S206 BeltBlaster Waistband Amplifier Kit spec-206.pdf oper-206-207.pdf  
S207 BeltBlaster Waistband Amplifier Kit spec-207.pdf oper-206-207.pdf  
S250, SW250, S260 Modular Tabletop Lectern Base/Audio Cart Folding lectern & Carry Case spec-250.pdf   assm-250.pdfassm-260.pdf
S272, SW272, W272 EZ Speak Folding Lectern spec-272.pdf  
SIR285 InfraRed ComPac PA System spec-285.pdf oper-285.pdf  
SW300 Mity-Lite spec-300.pdf oper-300.pdf  
S350, SW350, W350 Executive Adjustable Lectern     assm-350.pdf
S355, SW355, W355 Elite Solid Wood Veneer Lectern spec-355.pdf   Assembly-Instructions-355.pdf
S450, SW450, W450 Presidential Plus Lectern spec-450.pdf   assm-450.pdf
S470, SW470, W470 Chancellor Solid Wood Veneer Lectern spec-470.pdf    
S505A, SW505A, W505A Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lectern spec-505A.pdf    
S505, SW505, W505 Executive Sound Column Lectern spec-505.pdf    
SW500 Sound Column Lectern  oper-500.pdf assm-500.pdf
S610A, SW610A, SW615A Half-Mile Hailer spec-610.pdf oper-610.pdf  
SW630, SW632, SW635, SW637, SW640, SW642, SW642, SW660, SW662 Half-Mile Hailer Bundles  
S312, SW312, S314, SW314 Sound Cruiser Mobile System spec-312.pdf oper-312.pdf  
S601, S602, S602M Mity-Meg Megaphones with sirens & whistles spec-mitymeg.pdf oper-mitymeg.pdf  
Megaphones for every need Are You Prepared for an Emergency? emergency.pdf    
MityMeg® Compared to Other Megaphones See the Amplivox Difference! mitymegcomparison.pdf    
S805A, SW805A 50-Watt Multimedia Amplifier Illustrated Features Guide "Nervous Novice" Guide spec-805.pdf
Last Updated: Septemper 13, 2011