Order any AmpliVox lectern and we will include our
S1180 LED Lectern Light at no additional cost

This LED lamp provides a bright, focused light on your presentation while not blinding you nor distracting your audience. The 9” flexible gooseneck allows you to easily aim the light where you need it.

Powered by THREE “AAA” batteries (not included), this bright white LED light is rated at 100,000 hours.


Public Safety - For crowd control and emergency communication systems

For outdoor activities and emergency evacuation situations, you need a dependable way to communicate with those around you.

Megaphones and other emergency communication systems like the new Radio Hailer are great options for those wanting to project their voice to communicate emergency messages loudly and clearly.

It is important for facilities to be ready if and when these crises arise. Since power often goes out during emergencies, our battery powered portable sound systems are a great way to immediately communicate vital information to a large and panicked group.
  • Emergency Management Teams
  • Crowd Control
  • First Responders
  • Surge Crowd Management
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Secondary Post Disaster Responders
  • Fire Drills
  • Police Announcements
  • Military Bases and Training Facilities
  • Public Transportation Hubs
  • Traffic Instructions
  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants
  • Construction Sites
  • Parking Lots

AmpliVox Sound Systems serves various aspects of the community, including but not limited to Law Enforcement & Fire as well as other Government branches. Our battery powered PA systems can be used in a variety of emergency situations, from search and rescue to crowd control.
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